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    Forklift rentals is a choice of many companies. Whether you are expecting a temporary/seasonal increase in your business activity, your own forklift down for repair, or you temporarily need a different forklift type, renting becomes a perfect solution. Renting is also useful when you want to try out a specific type of a forklift or pallet jack before buying it, as we have rental purchase option available.

     Forklift rentals process is easy nowadays. Just search for “forklift rentals near me” or "bay area forklift rental" and call any company nearby from the popped out list! Golden Gate Rack is located in Hayward, California, however, we serve not only San Francisco Bay Area, but the whole CA state!

      All equipment that you see on our website can be rented - from pallet trucks to telehandlers. We carry electric, diesel, and LPG forklifts; manual and powered pallet jacks. We rent equipment in new and used condition.

     If your forklift is up for the task, but you need a different attachment we can help you with that. Call us for the list of the available forklift attachments for rent.


     We offer forklift / pallet truck rental by the day, week or month. Long-term rental is available at discounted rates. The rates are different and depend on the type of the forklift you want to rent.



     Daily:     from $150  to $1093

Monthly:    from $1150 to $3500

Pallet trucks:

     Daily:     from $75  to $125

Monthly:    from $325 to $645

* Contact Us to know more about the price of a particular forklift.


SINGLE DAY rental – for existing customers

5-DAY MINIMUM rental - for new customers

Before renting a forklift make sure you have a trained forklift operator. Golden Gate Rack offers forklift training services.

Forklifts and Trucks Rentals
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