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The RT35-45R Pro Range 3,500lb to 4,500lb capacity, reach stacker has a reach-forward mast, allowing it to store goods without moving the truck itself. Its robust construction, maneuverability, and high-reach capabilities make it the ideal choice for your most demanding applications where large-scale, high-lift height material handling is required.


This ergonomic stacker is equipped with high-quality components and safety features. High efficiency – Heavy duty!


Available in Lithium also.

View Product Brochure Here.

Noblelift RT35-45R Narrow Aisle Reach Stacker

  • Steering System 180/360

    Steering wheel adjusts in two directions and can be switched between 180 and 360 degrees base on operator’s preferences.

    Buffer System

    Buffering system provides safe and comfortable operation for fork lowering and mast forward / backward movement. 

    Fingertip Proportional Control

    The fingertip proportional control provides smooth and proportional operation of hydraulics functions.

    Advanced Components

    Integrated AC system, Schabmuller motor, Curtis control system with high-precision gearbox provides flexible steering and high-quality driving performance.

    Hydraulic System

    Hydraulic system utilizes high quality components coupled with smart engineering to ensure the whole system runs cool and efficiently.

    Visibility Through the Mast

    Designed for perfect visibility through the mast. The forks can always be seen through the mast and the operator can see the left and right sides of pallets during lifting and loading.

    Mast System

    The highly-durable mast has reach forward function which allows the truck to store goods without moving the truck itself. This provides convenient and safe operation.

    Ease of Maintenance 

    Easy access to all key components simplifies maintenance and reduces the time required. CAN communication protocols simplifies diagnostics, improves reliability and reduces down time.

  • Model RT35R RT45R
    Unit Type  Electric Reach Stacker Electric Reach Stacker
    Load Capacity 3,500 lb 4,500 lb
    Load Center   24" 24"
    Power      48V/420Ah Industrial Battery      48V/420Ah Industrial Battery     
    Battery Charger  48V/65A 220V 3 Phase Charger 48V/65A 220V 3 Phase Charger
    Fork Dimensions     42" Standard  42" Standard
    Std Fork Height Options available from 177" to 492" Options available from 177" to 492"
    Minimum Lift Height  7.6" 7.6"
    Turning Radius  68.9" 68.9"
    Vehicle Dimensions     Download Brochure Download Brochure
    Travel Speed Download Brochure Download Brochure
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