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The PSE26N SL 2,600lb capacity, lithium electric walkie straddle stacker is available in (4) different maximum lift heights and is designed for light-duty applications. Their compact size, light weight, and ability to operate with tiller in vertical position (pinwheel turning) make them the ideal choice for use on mezzanines and other highly maneuverable applications.

This ergonomic stacker has a fast-charging maintenance-free lithium battery, a built-in charger, and can be opportunity charged, allowing for longer use throughout multiple work shifts. Highly Productive - Competitively priced - One of the best values on the market.


Download Spec Sheet Here.


Noblelift PSE26N SL Lithium Stacker

  • MODEL PSE26N-74 PSE26N-114 PSE26N-126 PSE26N-142
    Unit Type Lithium Electric Walkie Straddle Stacker
    Load Capacity 2,600lb 2,600lb 2,600lb 2,600lb
    Load Center 23.6" 23.6" 23.6" 23.6"
    Power   24 volt / 60Ah Lithium-ion LFP Battery
    Battery Charger  Built-in 24V/25A
    Fork Dimensions  42" Standard
    Max Lift Height  74"   114" 126" 142"
    Min Lift Height  2"   2"   2"   2" 
    Mast Stages 2 2 2 2
    Turning Radius 53" 53" 53" 53"
    Vehicle Dimensions Download Brochure
    Travel Speed Download Brochure
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