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Built-in high precision chip High energy-saving NiMH rechargeable battery (built-in charging) standby 400 hours Key functions: turn on/switch off , unit switch, tare, zero, print Backlight automatically turns off, settable Automatic shutdown, standby time can be set 6.5-bit 8MM large LCD display, character height 25MM, white backlight (LED) KG/Ib  Unit switching: KG/Ib Printing and time setting Accuracy±2Lbs



Eoslift E20MP Scale Pallet Jack

  • Load Capacity Lb. 4400
    Min.Precision Lb. 0.44
    Battery Voltage Nominal Capacity V/Ah 6
    Lifting height In. 7 7.9
    Minimum.Height of Fork In. 8 2.95
    Fork Width In. 9 27
    Fork Length In. 10 45.3
    Overall Length In. 11 62.2
    Turning Radius In. 12 49.2
    Net Weight Lb. 258
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