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Carton Flow Systems are ideal where boxes and bins are being handled in areas where space is a premium. The FIFO (First in, First Out) Storage System effectively uses angled shelves with roller tracks for gravity-fed order picking.These easy to load and pick systems, enable easy handling of products to feed production, conveyors, packaging, assembly and many other areas that require easy access to various products FAST!


We stock new and used Spantrack carton flow systems.


Carton Flow Racking

    • Flexible & simple installation between pallet rack beams with simple supports
    • Front and rear supports are available for structural beams, step beams, and dedicated shelf frames
    • Rop-in design allows for easy addition to existing racks and does not require the the use of tools
    • Multiple hanger design increase installation flexibility allowing the use of both EP manufactured rack, existing rack, or carton flow rack supplied by another manufacturer
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