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Cantilever racks Roll Formed installed in warehouse with lumber stored on it
Cantilever racks Structural blue, installed in warehouse, scissor lift equipment standing next to it

      Cantilever racking is a heavy duty industrial storage system. Cantilever racks provide highly visible and accessible storage. They do not have shelves. They consist of columns and arms. Cantilever racks are mostly used for long, non-palletized or heavy items, like lumber, steel bars, pipes, tubing.


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cantilever Racks

Structural racks parts/pieces description, explanation, example of column, arm, base, braces
A lot of blue cantilever racks bases in a stack outside
Cantilever racks, Structural installed outside

      Cantilever Racks can be roll formed (standard) and structural racks. Roll Formed Racks can be less expensive to buy and install but are limited in the amount of weight that they can support. Structural Racks are made from one piece of steel and provide much higher load capacities.

ROLL FORM racks sizes

Base - 24", 36", 48"

Column - 96", 144", 192"

Arm - 36", 48"

Brace set (cross) - 48", 60", 72", 96"

STRUCTURAL racks sizes

Base - 48", 60"

Column - 144", 192"

Arm - 36", 48", 60"

Brace set (cross) - 60"

      Racking is a necessary material handling and storage solution for your warehouse. It saves a lot of space, organizes your warehouse, and makes your work more efficient. There are several types of racks which serve different purposes. But the main difference between them is a load capacity. Cantilever racks are big and robust. They can be installed in the warehouse or outside in the yard.

      Heavy Duty Cantilever racks are ideal for heavy or too large items that don't fit on a regular industrial pallet racks. They has opened design, which allows forklifts to operate easily with them. Structural racks are more popular because of their load capacity.

 Cantilever racks uprights

      Uprights (or columns) are the main components in this storage solution. There are single and double sided configuration of cantilever racks uprights. You can connect arms to both sides of a double sided upright and store material on both sides. Uprights are connected to the base. 

 Cantilever racks arms

      Cantilever racks arms are used for storage like shelves on racks. Only one side of an arm is connected to the upright. Arms (or beams) can be straight or inclined to hold goods that may roll off. The height of the arm can be adjusted.

Cantilever racks braces

     The braces are installed between uprights and helps to hold them together, supporting the cantilever rack system. The braces need to be the same length as the spacing between uprights.

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