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USED heavy equipment

     Golden Gate Rack not only sells new forklifts and pallet racks, but also used heavy equipment. Used heavy equipment can be anything that your warehouse needs, from stretch wrapping machines and rider jacks to yard ramps and scissor lifts.

     Used equipment is a good option for meeting your needs but saving money. You can buy, lease or even rent our used  equipment. We update our website weekly with our new used forklifts, scissor lifts, and other equipment.

     Used heavy equipment can be used in various areas like warehouses, gardening, construction, etc. It remains safe and capable of working well even after decades of manufacturing. So if you are debating between new and used heavy equipment – don’t worry, either of them will work good for you. Just remember to take your used forklift to service on a timely manner where professionals will check it to make sure that it remains in a good condition.

     We also buy used heavy equipment or exchanging yours to newer one.

Our used heavy equipment:

Used forklift Hyster
Used scissor lifts
Warehouse Ladder 15 steps
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