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Walkie/Rider Pallet Truck

       The RPX offers a durable, dependable, and versatile design for a wide range of applications in all kinds of operating environments. From manufacturing to warehousing to grocery, it’s the one walkie/rider pallet truck you can count on

Images of rider pallet truck
Nissan UniCarriers RPX pallet truck front
Nissan UniCarriers RPX pallet truck side


- 6000 lbs. capacity

- 5.2 HP heavy-duty, three-phase brushless AC drive motor with enhanced thermal capabilities and greater torque

- Sealed switches and logic boards for operation in coolers, wet rooms, and freezers down to -20 OF (-28.9 OC)

- Controller Area Network system uses just four wires to send multiple signals between the control handle and controller

- Rugged construction, including tubular steel steer handle

- Ergonomic features, including large, soft-touch switches

- String guards on all wheels

pdf brochure with specifications for PDS25 straddle stacker


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