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racking and shelving


    Pallet Racking is a storage solution for your industrial warehouse. Racking system stores materials on pallets which are loaded to the systems with a help of lift trucks.
    It is easy to find racks for sale, but how to define which kind of pallet racks are right for you?
    When you are looking for pallet racks you need to know that racking comes in roll formed and structural configuration. Depending on the materials your company carry and store, you can choose from a variety of racking systems including but not limited to pallet racks, shelving, cantilevers, conveyors, push back systems, carton and pallet flow.
    For your safety, layout of the racking has to be designed by professional engineers. Engineering and installation services are usually offered by the companies who has new and used pallet racks for sale. Golden Gate Rack offers these services as well as free shipping and warehouse cleaning.

types of pallet racks for sale

pallet racks

(the most popular pallet rack)


     Pallet racks are the most popular storage equipment due to the flexibility of its construction. Thus, it is one of the best options to improve your storage space.  Our available pallet racks can handle up to 2,500 lbs. per square foot. They are affordable and easy to install.

       Pallet racks mainly consist of uprights and beams, but can also include wire decks, pallet supports, column protectors, and row spacers. With the right layout pallet racks can save you a lot of space and create a more efficient storage place. (Tip: ask for our free warehouse layout designed by professional engineers).

(low cost pallet rack)


   Boltless, bulk, or rivet shelving is another variety of a pallet rack and an alternative to pallet racking. It is a low-cost storage solution. It is a flexible, boltless system which is easy and fast to install. We have an option of single or double rivet beams (the difference is in the load capacity), wood board or wire deck shelving.

(high capacity pallet rack)

     Cantilever racks provide highly visible and accessible storage. They do not have shelves. They consist of columns and arms. Cantilever racks are mostly used for long, non-palletized or heavy items, like lumber, steel bars, pipes, tubing.

     Cantilever Racks can be roll formed (standard) and structural. Roll Formed Racks can be less expensive to buy and install but are limited in the amount of weight that they can support. Structural racks are made from one piece of steel which provides much higher load capacity.

Cantilever rack

(the most efficient storage solution)

      Push back racks are the best space savers. With this system you will have less aisles, but more storage capacity. Each new pallet is stacked in front of the previous one, while that one is pushed back in the rack. Depending on the size of your rack, it can store up to 6 pallets. When the first pallet is removed, the next one slides forward.

Push back system with racks, carts, rails

(the fastest type of pallet racks)

Span track for carton flow, conveyor

Carton flow system is one of our available types of pallet racks. It uses angled shelves with roller tracks for gravity-fed order picking. That is why this system is also called gravity flow racks. One of the most common usage of this system are conveyors. It is made for fast-moving storage situations. The product is loaded from one side and picked from the other.

pallet support, dock plate, row spacer, rack protector


In addition to pallet racks we carry racking accessories which are sold separately. Check out our warehouse accessories here.

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