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NISSAN - pf series

LPG Pneumatic

       This forklift keeps your operation highly productive. Our fuel management system (LP/Gas) optimizes engine operation to provide excellent fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions. Each Platinum II lift truck comes standard with our comprehensive engine protection system to warn operators in case of excessive heat or a severe drop in oil pressure, providing extended engine and drive train life for your lift truck investment.

Images of Sit Down Forklifts straddle stacker
UniCarriers PF Platinum II LPG Pneumatic Forkliftfront.jpg


  • 3,000 to 8,000 lbs. Capacities; 10’ to 22’ Lift Height

  • Powertrain Float; EPA Tier II CARB Certified

  • Engline Control Modules; LPG/Diesel/Gas Options

  • Operator Comfort Package; 3-way Calalyst Muffler

  • Unicarriers K21 (2.1 liter) and K25 (2.5 liter) electronic fuel injected industrial engines in LP, LPS, dual fuel, gas or diesel; EPA/CARB 2010 Certified

  • Engine/transmission protection and warning systems

  • Seat-actuated Operator Presence System

  • Spacious operator compartment

pdf brochure with specifications for PDS25 straddle stacker


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