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big joe - lxe-44

Electric Sit Down 4 Wheel

       New Big Joe sit down 4 wheel electric forklift with lithium battery that charges in 2 hours. It has an easy Plug-N-Charge system that lets you charge it easy and fast and go back to work. Say goodbye to replacing propane tanks and watering your old electric forklift batteries. This  water resistant model will remain reliable from the start to the end of a job, inside your warehouse or outside.

Images of Sit Down Forklifts straddle stacker
plug in battery for big joe forklift LXE 44
Big Joe LXE 44 sit down forklift .jpg


  • Lifting Capacities Up To 4,000lbs.; Lifting Heights is 197"

  • Side shifting fork carriage

  • 100 %ac pump, steer & drive motor system

  • Lithium packs with low temp electric heating systems

  • Low noise gear pack

  • Battery pack side roll out

  • Multi-function color screen instrument cluster

  • LED combination headlights/taillights

  • Automatic deceleration at turns

  • Electronic cooling fan

  • Emergency cut-o switch

  • LOD sensing steering system

  • Duplex mast

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